15,540 MILES | Bradly Brown
15,540 MILES

Conduit, Dallas, TX • 06.02

15,540 Miles is an examination of distance and movement over time.The walls were tiled with cyanotype yearbook portraits of classmates printed on carpet. The portraits were hung blank, but as time passed, ghost like images appeared as the photo emulsion was exposed. Two desks in the middle of the space reflect one of two paths. The pencil desk creates an anxious mood, always going and moving – never sitting. The desk next to it seems more inviting though sitting down on the pilling saw dust quickly weighs you down making it hard to get up and move again.

While the portraits on the wall slowly expose, the pencils and other elements of the installation trap the viewer. On the back wall of the gallery hangs a green chalkboard with a map of the world. On the map, a line measures a distance of 15,540 miles, the length of  the line that can be draw with 444 pencils, the amount embedded in the desk.

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