Separate But Equal | Bradly Brown
Separate But Equal

A Benefit for AmFAR • The Rachofsky House, Dallas, TX • 10.06

Drawing prominent artists, art collectors and philanthropists from around the world, Two by Two for AIDS and Art has evolved into a week full of social events aimed at recognizing the progress of amfAR and engaging the arts community here in Dallas.

“Texas-born artist Bradly Brown’s recent photographs, drawings, and prints use masks to play with notions of constructed identities and selves. This ever-present cultural object allows the wearer to merge with the entity depicted in the mask, as seen in the holes for the eyes (sight), nose (breath) and mouth (voice). In Separate But Equal the lion and bear masks (two richly symbolic animals) rest on discarded pages of text where the writer has practiced composing words and phrases, perhaps developing another side of their personality. Brown processes; the Cyanotype and Van Dyke print; were originally used to produce blueprints and maps, respectively, layering on another metaphor for how we form our identity.”

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