“January 28, 1986. My first grade classmates and I lined up at the door to go outside. As soon as the teacher flipped off the light, a voice broke over the PA system. The space shuttle Challenger had exploded. There was a moment of silence as we stood in the dark, dumfounded, trying to wrap our young minds around the real notion of tragedy. With Failure to Launch (2016), Bradly Brown attempts to make sense out of that cold winter day, and the shape he gives to that sense is a familiar one: balloons. As a substitute for the seven astronauts who would lose their lives, seven red balloons, tethered to a slow melting bag of ice, jerk and wrench against the wind. Hours go by. Melting ice never seemed so interesting, so appropriate a stand-in for launch pads and O-rings and rocket boosters and suspense. The tragic ending in Failure to Launch is easier to accept as a metaphor, though no less surprising to an unsuspecting audience in this mediated reality.” –Diane Durant, Re-presentation and the Problem of True Stories, 2016

Failure to Launch (excerpt), 2016
Single-channel video

Failure to Launch (excerpt) from Bradly Brown on Vimeo.

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