How The West Was Won
Found logs, plastic guns, paint
(Collaboration with Gregory Ruppe)

The event, entitled “Bridged” was organized by artist and educator Stephen Lapthisophon, as a way to create collaboration between multiple DFW universities and continue the tradition of showing art in this area just west of the bridge. MFA students from theUniversity of Texas at Arlington, University of Texas at Dallas, and other DFW Universities will be participating in this free and public event.

If you’re attending the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge celebration the weekend of march 2nd-4th  or rocking out to the sounds of Lyle Lovett, you may notice a strange sight off in the distance: The number 500 glowing in vibrant green from the top of a warehouse building just west of the new bridge on Singleton Blvd.

The number originates from the address (500 Singleton) of the old Quality Ironworks building, and was recently installed to catch the eyes of passengers coming and going to the bridge celebration. Anyone who takes a closer look at the warehouse will find artwork from nearly 40 local artists who have created numerous installations inside and out of this unique location.

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