MEGAFAUN, Bury The Square


Megafaun, Bury The Square, 2008
Credit: Art direction, graphic design, illustration

From the vibrant Southern quasi-capital of Durham emerge Megafaun, wearing earnestness across the chest and abstraction along the sleeves.  They pour forth dulcet harmonies, as seeking vocals tug banjo lines up the Appalachian mountains; redemptive noise soaks everything, like thick air wafting from the Atlantic.

Bury the Square, Megafaun’s debut, is a triumph, bearing an essential consequence: folk music has been wrested from purist hands.  Clawhammer banjo and strummed acoustics lock and roll with electric guitars and electronic textures. They don’t add freak to folk or folk to freak; rather, they realize that folk implies deep, personal, intense expression, whether the instrument is a parlor piano with the lid thrown back or a distortion pedal with the case cracked loose.   In this band, orthodoxy and unorthodoxy flow together as one.

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