The Dallas Art Fair Sculpture Garden, Dallas, TX • 10.13

The Dallas Art Fair and the project curator Brandon Kennedy are pleased to announce PRKD, a year-round program dedicated to the exhibition of public work to be held at Henry C. Beck Jr. Park, adjacent to the Fashion Industry Gallery (FIG). PRKD, set to launch October 18th at 6:00 PM will open with SUBJECT TO CHANGE, the first of three outdoor sculpture exhibitions to be held throughout the year in the Henry C. Beck Jr. Park. SUBJECT TO CHANGE will feature the work of five local artists: Jesse Morgan Barnett, Bradly Brown, Brandon Kennedy, Ludwig Schwarz, and Lucia Simek. PRKD curator Brandon Kennedy “chose to open the series with artists who work with found objects, simple materials, contextual shifts and the like. SUBJECT TO CHANGE speaks to many of these issues without providing a clear direction, leaving dialogue between the artists/work/viewers and the exhibition-at-large to come in and out of the conversation. Given the lack of public space in the Dallas Arts District, I envision the PRKD project to re-imagine the possibilities of interaction and dialogue between the artist, viewer, and the public sphere.”

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