Plastic, Trinity River water, pecan & rose artesian charcoal, white marble chips, beach sand from Exotic Locations™, pump, and glass beverage dispenser
50″w x 61″h x 35″d

Purification Station is a fully functioning water filter. This highly stylized interpretation of a basic filtering system is meant to suggest the commodification of an object meant to be scraped together using commonly found items: buckets, cinder blocks, sand, gravel and charcoal. I altered cinderblocks and buckets to reflect a contemporary pop aesthetic, as if it were something that could be bought at a retail outlet like Target. Purification Station functions as an art object in a healthy economy and art market; at the same time, it functions as a useful device if that economy were to fail. It attempts to open a conversation about the use of the art object and the market it is tied to, as well as the commodification of trends.

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