twigs, rope, steel wool, battery, magnifying glass, aluminum can, chocolate, underwear, close pins, condom, water, hardware

The materiality of my work lies between appropriation and alteration. The functionality, and associations we assign to objects are redefined by altering their intended use and appearance; as can be seen in Several Ways to Start a Fire. A predetermined list of materials was built around a concept, creating parameters to work within. Using survivalist techniques I sourced different ways to create a fire in emergency situations, all accomplished without a match or a lighter. For example, steel wool was used to create spun yarn, which was then used to weave a small textile piece. By touching the steel wool to the 9 volt battery, sparks are made. Another fire starting technique is done by filling a condom with water and using it to reflect the sun into a pile of kindling. The entire piece can be mixed and match to start a fire numerous ways when needed.

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