THE INTERVIEW | Bradly Brown


Interview Etiquette Before the Interview

1.  Your hair should be trim, clean and combed .
2.  Nails should be clean and trimmed.
3.  Be conservative and err on the side of caution.  If the company does not have a dress code, remember that its better to overdress than underdress.
4.  Arrive at least 10 minutes before your interview.  The extra minutes will also give time to fill out any forms or applications that might be required.
5.  Turn off your cell phone or pager.
6.  Don’t assume that whoever greets you is the receptionist.

Interview Etiquette During the Interview

1.  Make a positive and professional first impression by being assertive and giving a firm handshake to each interviewer and addressing each interviewer by name.
2.  Reinforce your professionalism and your ability to communicate effectively by speaking clearly and avoiding “uhs”, “you knows”, and slang.
3.  Use appropriate wording.  You won’t receive extra points for each word that has more than 10 letters.  Use technical terms only when appropriate to the question.

Interview Etiquette After the Interview

1.  Shake each interviewer’s hand and thank each interviewer by name.
2.  Send a thank you note as soon after the interview as soon as possible.

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