WONDER WALL (Karaoke booth) | Bradly Brown
WONDER WALL (Karaoke booth)

Wonderwall is the result of an installation staged  Wonderwall, a site-specific installation consisting of a karaoke booth was set up like a shower stall during ‘Sympathy for the Devil’, an exhibition held in conjunction with the release of the Sound issue of semigloss. Magazine.  Individuals were instructed to sing along to the music they heard threw headphones,the lyrics appeared on a monitor in front of them. The a cappella vocals were heard throughout the gallery space during the exhibition. Each performance was recorded and layered into a single track, creating the illusion of a choir.

Wonderwall (karaoke booth), 2014
Shower curtains, shower caddy, iPad, hardware, microphone, headphones, speaker
Participatory performance in collaboration with semigloss. Magazine

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