WONDER WALL (Karaoke booth)

“Wonderwall is the result of an installation staged during ‘Sympathy for the Devil’, an exhibition held in conjunction with the release of this issue of semigloss. at Hello Project Gallery in Houston, Texas, which featured several works published within. For Wonderwall, a site-specific installation consisting of a karaoke booth was set up like a shower stall, in which single individuals were instructed to, wearing headphones, sing along to music in into a microphone to lyrics which appeared on a monitor in front of them. The isolated vocals from the microphone were played back into the gallery space for all to hear. They were then recorded and layered into a track on this album, in an allusion to the participatory and collaborative sound, happenings, and event scores of Yoko Ono as well as other artists of the Fluxus movement.” – Sally Glass, semigloss. Magazine, Volume II, Issue II, 2014

Wonderwall (karaoke booth), 2014
Shower curtains, shower caddy, iPad, hardware, microphone, headphones, speaker
Participatory performance in collaboration with semigloss. Magazine

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