Numbers 23:23

Numbers 23:23 (What hath God wrought!), 2018
Solar powered shipping container, smoke machine, programable timer, lock and chain
Solar Studios at Rice University, Houston Tx
Dimensions variable

Act I: Waiting Room

Act I: Waiting Room (detail), 2017
Charcoal drawing, beta fish, candy bowl, succulent, sign-in book, bell and pen.
dimensions variable

Act III: Columns


Act III: Columns (1-3), 2015-2016
Artificial turf, black beauty abrasive, plaster, cement, wax, chocolate, bacon fat, Vaseline, clay, resin, foam, glass, ink, debris, found objects, speakers, and record player
Dimensions variable

Partially Buried Cereal Aisle

Partially Buried Cereal Aisle, 2013
Cereal boxes, gondola shelving, concrete and hardware
48″ X 60″ X 24″

Ready Ice

Ready Ice (multiples), 2016
Urethane resin casts of ice cubes
Dimensions variable



Wonderwall (karaoke booth), 2014
Shower curtains, shower fixture and caddy, iPad, microphone, headphones, speaker

Wonderwall was a site-specific installation that consisted of a karaoke booth that mimicked a shower stall.  Individuals were instructed to sing along to the music they heard threw headphones as the lyrics appeared on a monitor in front of them. The a-cappella vocals were audible throughout the gallery space during the exhibition. Each performance was recorded and layered into a single track, creating the illusion of a choir.

Several Ways to Start a Fire

Several Ways to Start a Fire, 2013
Twigs, rope, steel wool, battery, magnifying glass, aluminum can, chocolate, underwear, close pins, condom, water, and hardware



Damemoto, 2012
Reclaimed wood, weeds, lights, hardware 


Transpacific (a line drawn from Texas to Japan), 2012
194 #2 pencils, paper, steel, pencil sharpeners
40″w x 72″h

Escape Plan

Escape Plan, 2012
Drafting compass, drywall, motor, hardware

Escape Plan from Bradly Brown on Vimeo.

Purification Station

Purification Station, 2013
Plastic, Trinity River water, pecan & rose artesian charcoal, white marble chips, beach sand from Exotic Locations™, pump, and glass beverage dispenser
50″w x 61″h x 35″d

Diamond Crash

Diamond Crash, 2013
Resin, string, balloons, helium

Impala Eardrums

Impala Eardrums, 2008
Salt water on car door
39.5″ x 37″

15,540 Miles

15,540 Miles, 2002
School desk, #2 Pencils, sawdust, chalkboard, cyanotype on carpet
Variable dimensions

Side A’s

Side A‘s, 2016
Silicone mold, and unique resin cast LP. Each color of silicone signifies a different vinyl record used to create the mold. 
14” x 14”