San Jacinto College South Campus Gallery

The San Jacinto College South Campus Gallery is committed to promoting creativity, critical discourse, and collaboration through the arrangement of multidisciplinary exhibitions and educational programs. The gallery exists to serve the students, employees, and community partners of San Jacinto College with a focus on inclusive initiatives and experiences.


Carrot Cake, 2018
The Life and Carrer of Chuck Jones

League City Legacy, 2018
Butler Longhorn Museum

Golf Coast, 2019
Featured artists include Gao Hang, Iva Kinnaird, and Gregory Ruppe

The Ways They Are, 2020
Carris Adams, Sebastien Boncy, and Matt Manalo

The Body Follows, 2019
Ann Wood, Daniela Antelo & Julia Barbosa Landois
Workshop from STEM From Dance and Redbud performance by Christina Maley

Brain Tree , 2019
John Bavaro